HydraFacial suits for men as well

HydraFacial Treatments have been renewed

New HydraFacial treatments include LED light therapy and Lymphatic therapy as well as AHA-peelings and deep cleansing of pores


is closest to the classic HydraFacial bacic treatment but added AHA-peeling


is great for impure and greasy skin. Includes therapeutic LED-treatment.


For mature, pigmented skin with wrinkles. The treatment peels the skin with AHA  and fills it with hyaluronic acid, vitamins A and E and specific  effectiv HydraFacial ampoules. This treatment also includes LED light therapy to lift the skin.


is effective towards hyperpigmentation. With both physical and AHA-peeling we can target the pigment spots and with a serial treatment it´s possible to get rid of them. After the treatment it´s very important to protect the skin against UV-radiation with clothing and/or high SPF cream.


has it all, both physical and AHA peeling, lymphatic and LED therapy, the most effective HydraFacial Ampoules to moisten, lift and cleanse your skin to get the most out of it. You´ll love this!

HYDRAFACIAL PERK for Eyes and/or Lips

An add-on treatment specifically for the delicate skin around the eyes and to moisten and plump your lips. You´ll get the rest of the ampoule in a handy roll-on bottle with you after the treatment to continue the treatment at home.