Partly evacuation of Villi Vanilja due to Agronomitalo renovation noise

Renovation causes disturbance in the salon -partly evacuation in progress

The renovation of Agronomitalo causes big noise starting from Mon Nov 22th, so we decided to evacuate the beauty salon and Melina, Hanne and Oili to Salon Fresko, Uudenmaankatu 44.

Starting from Mon Nov22th Hanne, Melina and Oili will be working at Salon Fresko, uudenmaankatu 44. We want to be able to offer our customers  an undisturbed experience without the noise of renovation of the Agronomitalo building. At Salon Fresko we can still offer you also the services of the beauty salon as well as hairdressing.

Jukka will continue working at our P. Makasiinikatu location after the renovation crew working hours from 15.30pm and Mareena will work at Salon Virho, Fabianinkatu 4, during the noisy hours and at the own salon during the evenings and Saturdays.