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Would you like to shape up your Eyelashes or would a visit to the hairdresser cheer you up?

Browse our services and find the one for you! In wedding matters and regarding make-up+hairstyle packages call us and ask more.

Hair extensions

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Hair extensions with real hair are the most natural-looking way to gain more mass and length to the hair. Real hair can be curled and straightened with thermal devices and coloured almost as your own, although colouring, conditioning and styling products off the shelf of grocery stores should be avoided! With the right products and ways of looking after recommended by your hairdresser an authentic hair extension will fulfill its purpose and stay looking good for a long time.

Sewing technique

Hair extensions done by the sewing technique are the most gentle for your own hair, as well as the most natural-looking extensions. In this technique, the additional hair strings are sewn on to thin French plaits made out of your own hair. After 2.5-4 months the hair string is removed and the plaits opened, after which the extension may be renewed with the same material as many times as the hair remains in good enough condition depending on the customer’s methods of care. The condition of your own hair generally just keeps getting better and the hair can grow in peace protected by the hair extensions. The sewing technique is also a good way to thicken the hair if extra length is not need or the objective is to for example give the ends of the hair more volume. Excellent also for different effects – the additional hair can always be coloured according to the customer’s wishes.

Bond extensions

In seal extensions a small tassel of additional hair is attached to your own hair by melting a keratin seal to the roots of the hair. Hair attachments done with seals should be washed every couple of days, so that the oil produced by the scalp does not soften and open the seals. After max. 3 months the seals are removed by softening the keratin with a solvent meant for this and breaking the seals and combing them out. Hair attached by seals can usually only be used once. Seal extensions should not be kept for longer than the recommended 3 months because due to the natural renewal of your hair the amount of hair in the tassel decreases and the risk of the tassle breaking off increases. When properly done and maintained a workable extension method.

Fiber extensions

Fiber extensions with straight fiber are carried out by braiding a small section of fiber onto your own hair, which is then melted into a seal around the hair tassel. Fibers are at their best when you for example want to have a few stripes of hair of a different colour from that of your own and they are easy to remove by breaking the seal. The fibers do not stand heat well, so the hot curling and straightening of them with hot straighterners and blowdryers should be avoided.

From crape fiber one can create e.g. shock-coloured dreadlocks and braids, techniques are many and they are applied on a case by case basis.

Mago technique

Mago extension sections are tied to your own hair with cotton thread, and the fastening technique does not damage your own hair. The weight of the thread is unnoticeable and the extension is light and unobtrusive. Since the extension is not done with chemicals, it is also completely allergy free.

Mago extensions can be used to lengthen or thicken the hair. The extensions are available in 50cm and 30cm lengths, straight and wavy.

Prices are determined by the length, thickness of the natural hair and the desired amount of thickening / extension required. By booking an extension consultation (free of charge) we will be able to decide on the best thickening / extension option and the best hair colour and can reserve you the time for doing it. When booking the time we will charge a reservation fee, which will be reimbursed in the total sum.

Make-up services

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We have the MAKE UP FOR EVER Professional series professional make-up at our use, which we also sell. These high quality products are designed to cater for even the most demanding conditions, while being easy and quick to use at the same time. The products have been developed for professionals, but in a way that it is easy for consumers to get the same benefits from them. 

Make-up guidance

In the make-up guidance a professional will use 2 hours to take the customer through the things that they want to learn or improve in their own make-up. If you are bored with always applying your makeup in the same way, or you want to try some new product this is a great way to change things. Regardless of whether you are interested in a new party make-up, or an everyday/business-look done with top-quality products there will definitely be lots to gain.

During the guidance the customer will get to do their own make-up under the supervision of a professional, making the learning process significantly more efficient than with a mere demonstration. The professional will also correct technical mistakes or misunderstandings in case these exist. No base information is required, we are happy also to teach complete beginners about the secrets of make-up.

The skilled and discreet professionals of Villi Vanilja are also happy to guide woman-minded men in beautifying themselves. Please ask more, we do not bite! :)


In our make-up service our professional will do you a beautiful make-up according to your wishes. We will do highly professional make-ups for weddings as well as Christmas parties. Also, more unusual things, such as look-alike / character / make-up effects for example for fancy dress or theme parties can be done.

Massage services

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The massages range currently includes Classical (Swedish) massage, Indian head massage and Hot stone massage. We use only organic, cold pressed vegetable oils in our massages. If you wish we will add a fragrance to the massage oil with essential oils. We operate in accordance with the principle of sustainable development and use reusable, washable fabrics instead of disposable protective papers etc.

Classical massage

The Classical massage is a traditional Swedish massage, where the soft tissue is treated with focus on supporting the functioning of the muscles and tendons. The goal is in addition to relief in muscular and joint pain and increased mobility an experience of overall relaxation and feeling good. This massage is excellent for an active mover, a person stiffened up by office work and someone looking for relaxation.

Aroma Touch™ massage

The clean essential oils of doTerra are used in this very light and relaxing aromatherapeutic massage. The purpose of the massage is to balance out the functions of the body, improve immunity defences, reduce the harmful effects of inflammations and pathogens in a natural way and promote stress management. In the massage, the beneficial effects of essential oils and the stimulation of the meridians and energy zones of the body are combined, through which balancing of the autonomic nervous system of the body is achieved. The areas to be treated include the head, back and feet.

Indian head massage

The Indian head massage focuses on the relaxing of the head and shoulder areas. Often stress leaves its mark on the small muscles of facial expression and the membrane structure of the head that this massage relaxes and refreshes back to happiness. Please note that this massage leaves the hair messed up - so do not book an Indian head massage just before a party or an important meeting, unless you book a hair wash and styling for immediately after the massage!

Hot stones

In the wonderfully relaxing Hot stone massage the smooth, warm stones resting at the spine melt tensions while the masseuse gently caresses your body with other stones. This is the most relaxing of all our massages, pure luxury, during which hurry will disappear and the body is lulled into rest. We do the Hot stone massage 45 and 60 minutes long.

Alexandria Body Sugaring

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Sugar is a 100% natural product and does not contain any common allergenic ingredients. Sugaring also works as a peeling and removes dead skin leaving the colour of the skin improved and wonderfully soft. Old tattoos may also look brighter after the sugaring treatment.

Hair removal with sugar is suitable for even the most sensitive skin and there is hardly any redness on the skin after the treatment. With sugaring the hair is always removed in the direction of growth, which means that there will be no broken off and inwardly growing hairs. For this reason, sugaring is very suitable also for hair removal on intimate areas. It is possible to remove less than 2 millimeter long hair with sugaring, which, for example, cannot be done by wax. By regular sugaring hair growth can be permanently weakened. If you want to know more about sugaring our cosmetologists will be happy to answer your questions.

Please note prior to sugaring:

The skin may not be peeled a day prior to sugaring, on the day of the treatment, and on the day after the treatment.

Please note after sugaring:

Avoid sauna and sweating for 12 hours. After the removal of underarm hair also the use of deodorant should be avoided for 12 hours. After the removal of facial hair the use of obstructing make-up should be avoided for the same length of time. Remember also to protect yourself from the sun the next day. Skin care is especially important at home, so be sure to moisturize and peel your skin regularly.

Eyebrows and eyelashes

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Mariacos Lips Lifting

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A re-shaping and plumping-up method of treatment for the lip area

The Mariacos Lips Lifting Studio’s ® concept is a special method that makes it possible to achieve unprecedented results in the well-being of your lips quickly and painlessly!

With aging we lose the body's natural HYALURONIC FLUID, which keeps our joints flexible and our skin resilient.

At the Mariacos Lips Lifting Studio ® a beauty professional will clean your lips and apply hyaluronic fluid onto your lips, which is completely painlessly absorbed into the lips by using a Blue light device. The Blue light gives out a natural blue light frequency that does not include ultraviolet light. The treatment only takes 5-7 minutes.

The treatment will make your lips moister and look younger and well cared for. Hyaluron fluid and collagens are the key components of the skin. Hyaluronic fluid can absorb more than 1000 times its weight of water, making it an effective lip moisturizer. It helps in cell regeneration, and therefore works long-term against the thinning and ageing of the lips as well as against the formation of vertical lines. Hyaluron fluid looks after the external signs of damage to your lips and prevents lip dryness, chapping and cracking. Immediate results.

If you also want to add plumpness to your lips, you can use a blood circulation enhancing home care product daily up to 3-6 times a day. For the best and most lasting results use a combination of serial device treatments and the use of the home care product. The treatment can be done 2-3 times a week for 2-3 weeks.

Please note:

There are no known adverse reactions or side effects to the use on hyaluron fluid. To maintain the effects of the treatment one should use the home care product. Not recommended for customers suffering from light allergy.


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During the pedicure the feet are bathed, rasped and possible calluses removed, the cuticles are treated and the nails cut/filed and a wonderful massage performed. There is an extra charge for nail polish, but the customer gets the lacquer bottle home with them.

Facial treatments

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Regular facial treatments are a good investment in the future, as the effects of e.g. age, seasonal changes and stress show less on well looked after skin. Our range includes products and treatments for all types of skin problems. Remember that also flawless skin needs care in order to stay beautiful. For the eco conscious we offer the organic Thalgo Terre & Mer line, the products of which are 99 % natural.

Dermapen micro needling

With Dermapen micro needling, the skin can be revitalised and made firmer and many aspects can be treated:

  • Aged and slackened skin
  • Creases and wrinkles
  • Vertical wrinkles on the skin around the lips
  • Enlarged skin pores
  • Pregnancy scars
  • Scars (acne, surgical or burn scars)
  • Premature hair loss

The Dermapen device uses a needle head with 12 needles for the micro needling of the skin and the device punctures the skin perpendicularly. The needling of the skin stimulates the production of collagen as it creates thin channels in the skin. The channels can transport as much as 80% more of important nutrients, facilitating their transportation deep into the fibroblasts of the skin and the dermis and stem cell layer that nourish them. When the active ingredients are absorbed by the skin, the skin is revitalised and its renewal becomes faster.

The advanced perpendicular needling of the skin promotes scarless healing and renews collagen in the tissue in the same way as many more invasive alternative treatments such as Fraxel, IPL, laser treatments and chemical peelings - without negative side effects and a long recovery period.

Dermapen causes less trauma and damage to the skin, as well as less pain, swelling and bleeding than traditional micro needling rolls do, so it’s a safer and more effective alternative for the micro needling of the skin.

The single-use needles reduce the risk of inflammation and the adjustable length of the needle guarantees individualised treatment. Both strong and sensitive areas of the skin can be treated with the Dermapen, such as the areas around the eyes, the lips and nose.

The benefits of the use of Dermapen:

  • Causes less pain, swelling and bleeding than a traditional micro needling roller.
  • Can treat all the parts of the face effectively, such as the area of skin around the eyes and lips.
  • Due to the perpendicular position, the needles even penetrate scars without bleeding.
  • The adjustable length of the needle enables precise treatment of different areas of the skin.

For treatment of the scalp, we request that you come to the centre with clean and dry hair without conditioners. Washing, sweating or a sauna or the like is not recommended after the treatment.

Exuviance acid exfoliation facial treatments

The Exuviance skin care system is meant for people whose skin does not require a dermatologist's care, but who wish to take advantage of the advances in medical skin care. The effective treatments are suitable for even the most sensitive skin, including couperosa and acne rosacea.

Exuviance Express
The treatment includes initial cleansing, alpha-hydroxy peeling, a face mask and treatment lotion. The duration of the treatment is 30 minutes.

Exuviance Classic
The treatment includes initial cleansing, alpha-hydroxy peeling, a brief massage, a face mask and treatment lotion. The duration of the treatment is 60 minutes.

Exuviance Deluxe
The treatment includes initial cleansing, alpha-hydroxy peeling, skin cleansing, a face mask and a mask for the area around the eyes, massage, a special mask and treatment lotion. The duration of the treatment is 90 minutes.

Thalgo facial treatment

The Thalgo treatment includes initial cleansing, peeling, massage, a mask, a serum and treatment lotion. The duration of the treatment is 75 minutes.

HydraFacial™ facial treatments

HydraFacial™ Hydration
A facial treatment that fixes the basic condition of the skin and moisturises deeply. The unique top-level technology of the HydraFacial™ facial treatment device peels, empties blackheads and whiteheads and feeds active substances into the skin, leaving the skin with a clarity that exudes well-being.

HydraFacial™ Deep Clean
A deep-cleaning facial treatment that minimises the skin’s secretion of sebum while at the same time reducing the size of enlarged pores. With the top-level technology of the HydraFacial™ treatment procedure, the impurities of the skin, blackheads and whiteheads are removed without pain, leaving the skin silky soft and clean. A GlySal™ acid peeling is also done during the treatment.

HydraFacial™ Special
A deep-cleaning facial treatment that minimises the skin’s secretion of sebum while at the same time reducing the size of enlarged pores. With the top-level technology of the HydraFacial™ treatment procedure, the impurities of the skin, blackheads and whiteheads are removed without pain, leaving the skin silky soft and clean. Enhanced abrasion is done with a special treatment tip during the treatment for problem areas (scars, pigment changes, thick skin) and a 15% or 30% GlySal™ acid peeling.

HydraFacial™ Anti-Age
The ideal facial treatment for mature skin repairs the signs of aging from pigment changes to deep wrinkles, utilising the Dermabuilder™ peptide ampoule, hyaluronic acid and HydraFacial™ concentrate extracts containing vitamins A and E. A GlySal™ acid peeling is also done during the treatment, if necessary.

HydraFacial™ Britenol
A treatment that corrects colouration flaws in the skin (hyperpigmentation), in which in addition to skin cleansing, acid peeling, physical peeling and the feeding in of anti-oxidant serum, an enhanced treatment is done for those areas of the skin where there are colouration flaws, such as hormone-based melasma, scar-based colouration flaws or colouration changes caused by the sun or cosmetics. Each treatment procedure reduces the visibility of colouration flaws and it is possible to get rid of colouration flaws completely with this form of treatment. After treatments, it is advisable to avoid being subjected to UV light so that the colouration flaw does not reappear. After the end of the treatment, the skin is clean, clear and the skin colour is more even.

Back skin cleansing

Exfoliation, cleansing, mask and aftercare cream.


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